Paracord Items

Items Available

I do have some paracord key chains, bracelets, and lanyards that are available. You choose what color you want or if you see something here then let me know and I will get ahold of you thru email.

These paracord bracelets are ranging from 7in to 9 in with a metal clasp. They vary in color and size so if you choose what color you would like and the size one can be made for you. These run $7.00 USD per bracelet.

These are bracelets.

These paracord keychains range from 6in to 10in and they are made with a ring or a metal clasp or both on the end. Also you can choose color and metal end for your keychain. These run anywhere from $10 – $15 USD per key chain.

These keychains can be smaller.
The tail.
Double latch system.

These paracord lanyards range from 12in to 24in depending on your preference. You can also change color, length, and clasp end of your choosing.

There are also plant hangers in many different colors and designs. These run $10-$15 USD per plain hanger.

There is also a dog harness with matching leash that also ranges in size depending on size of dog. This price depends on how long the leash would be and how big the harness would be.