Paracord Craft

Paracord if a type of cord made of nylon called kernmantle cord, that has a core and strands called a sheath that go around the core. How many strands it has around the core tell us how strong it is. For example the 550 cord has seven strands and each one strand has two or three smaller strands within it. The 550 cord gets its name because of the weight it can handle, hense 550lbs. This cord is used among the military, NASA, mountain climbers, and many more people. Having a bundle of paracord in with your camping gear can make a good item when it comes to survival or whenever or whatever is needed. The 550 cord is the most popular among craftsmen and craft women who do this. There are many different colors and patterens to work with along with different sizes of cord. If you look around its used in many different everyday things that we don’t realize. Its used to make tents for camping, the cord in the parachutes, cords in paragliding, hammocks, plant hangers and many more items.

Alot of crafters use paracord for bracelets, lanyards, necklaces, a harness for you animal, plant hangers, keychains, homemake kites and gliders, and many other ideas that anyone can think of.

How To Guide……

I have some step by step pictures to help you figure out how to make a lanyard.