About Me

I started this website to help with my business.  Crafting is my passion and my hope is to make something that people will cherish for years to come. I love seeing life come to materials and fabric.  I love seeing an idea take shape then more ideas bring life to whatever I am crafting.  Walk thru a hobby store, as you look around your mind is putting things together.  What would look really cool to make and how it would look in your living room or someone else’s living room.  Then you usually forget the reason you walked in there to begin with.  That’s what I go thru every time I go to a hobby store.  I have to take notes with me so I remember to buy what I am there for.  Most of the time I only have money for what I am there for.

My focus these past five years has been cross stitch.  Embroidery has been this last year so I am still learning.  I love to sit down to watch a movie and do cross stitch.  I mostly do baby feet and hands, then add names and birth info to the picture.  This one is my grandson’s.

Babs Knicknacks

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