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June 13, 2023 by Babs

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Hello, my name is Babs and I have been doing cross stitch for a little over 15 yrs now. I just started the embroidery adventure. I do a lot of other crafts also but these two are my focus.

About 10 yrs ago I came up with the idea of putting new born baby information in a cross stitch picture. I was doing first time parents and commemorating the birth. Whatever the theme of the baby shower was, that is the what I would put in the cross stitch picture. Made my own templates of letters and pictures as needed. The embroidery idea came to me about a yr ago so I am learning and loving it! I have put my name on my work shirts and I have gotten do many compliments.

I feel that crafting something is a special way to commemorate an event or a special person in your life. I want to help someone with a craft idea and watch it take shape and give that special someone a smile that will last a lifetime. There is something special about a handmade gift that lights up a person from the inside, that moment is so special and it just has to be saved. You go visit someone and see them looking off the other direction (which you think is spacing off) then they smile really big and look back at you and say thank you! What they looked at was the cross stitch picture you made them years back and they still remember that moment when you made it special to them. That feeling means the world to me that I did good, I made a difference to someone!

If you have a craft idea and want to discuss it, we can do that. I can help with bringing your craft ideas to life. I am here to help with whatever craft idea you have.


These are the basic patterns I use to start my creations. I never do the borders that are on the patterns. I do a fabric border with whatever theme is needed in the creation.

The bear in the pic I change out to whatever theme is wanted then I add fabric around my creation and put into a picture frame…… like so…..

The frames are never the same unless the children are siblings. I can send you the finished item and you can choose your own frame if you wish. This one inparticular had a woods theme to it so this frame works.

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